Picturesque farmland and a meandering creek lead one into the town of Corydon (pop. 874) where both a school and water tower break up the landscape.  Churches, post office, military armory make up the majority of the buildings in the downtown area centered around the Happy Chandler Memorial Park.   Happy Chandler was governor of Kentucky twice, state senator, lieutenant governor and U.S. senator.  A historic marker marks the location where he was born.  
Continuing north on Hwy 60, one passes by picturesque farms and open fields before entering the city limits of Henderson, the county seat where Henderson Community College and Fine Arts Center are located. 
Worthwhile Side Trip:  Take Hwy 266 to Hwy 136W to the Sloughs Wildlife Management Area which includes observation towers overlooking much of the Sauerheber Refuge Area year-round. 

Species seen here include mallard, black duck, green winged and blue-winged teal, gadwall, American wigeon, ring-necked duck, merganser, tundra swan, and Canada, snow and blue goose.  Mammals include white-tailed deer, raccoon, opossum, and swamp rabbit.  Roads are paved with unlimited gravel parking.  The airport, riverport and historic Keach Farm that now raise shrimp are also located along Hwy 136.  

Highway 60 eastward takes one into the heart of downtown Henderson passing first commercial development, railroad tracks and churches.  

The county jail is to the left with a beautiful historic home behind a white fence located to the right.   A historic gas station, the historical society, the oldest church in the area and a Mother’s Day marker are all visible along the route.  To truly see downtown Henderson, one must leave Highway 60.

Worthwhile sidetrip through historic Henderson:  Downtown Henderson is home to the oldest city park west of the Allegheny Mountains.  

Founded in 1797 on the Ohio River, worldwide shipping resulted in Henderson becoming the richest per capita town in the U.S.

This led to the construction of numerous 19th century houses and buildings that are still in use today.

First Street takes one into historic downtown Henderson

Elm- 00 Block East Side – Oldest African American Church

West Side – Central Park and City Buildings

100 Block East and West Side – Historic Homes

200 Block East Side – Lazarus Powell Home

West Side – Norment House

Turn right onto Clay Street

Right onto Main Street

200 Block West Side – W.C. Handy Home (see left)

East Side – Mary Toules Sasen House

100 Block West Side – Carnegie Library (see right)

East Side – Church

00 Block West Side – Judicial Building

East Side – Courthouse, Central Park (Oldest park west of the Alleghanies)

Might also want to drive by Historic Omens Seminary – 400 Block

Left onto 1st Street

Audubon bronze sculpture at Post Office

Right onto Water Street

Audubon Mill Park, Amphitheatre, Sunset Park, Railroad Ridge and playground

Main Street then 12th Street - takes one back to Hwy 60 headed towards Daviess County. 

Another worthwhile side trip: 
Take Highway 41 north to John James Audubon State Park .  John James Audubon lived and worked in Henderson, form 1810 to 1819. 

The John James Audubon State Park and Museum houses his work and downtown features life-sized sculptures by Raymond Graf based on Audubon painting. 

Continuing on Highway 60 east following the Ohio River takes one past the Starlite Drive-In Theatre which is one of the few still in operation in Kentucky. 

Warren’s Strawberry Farm is located on the right.  As Highway 60 changes from four-lane to two-lane, one sees a beautiful historic home to the left. 

Just down the road is a tearoom located in a historic home with a historic graveyard in the adjacent property.

The home of King Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch, two fall events which take place each year, is located just down the road from the Henderson County Club and Golf Course.
As one enters the Town of Spottsville, one can see the Elementary School and the Old Church although both are located just off of Hwy 60 on Hwy 1078S.  

A silo is visible in the distance.  Visible to the right is an old railroad bridge and the Lock & Dam.  Grace’s Country Store is located just off U.S. 60 on KY 811.  An orchard is located on the left and an old barn is to the right.  Just a mile down the road is the historic two obstacle railroad bridge.

One will see the historic St. Augustine Church (c. 1996) and cemetery as one enters the town of Reed before crossing into Daviess County.  (photo provided by KY Historical Society)
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