There are many intrinsic qualities along the proposed Elk View Scenic Byway. A few are featured below. A more inclusive inventory of the visuals one will see while driving the proposed site are included under the Inventory Section.


Meandering Creeks
A meandering creek travels on both sides of Hwy 1098 that eventually spreads out and creates an excellent location for a future park or picnic area. There are also a few ponds along the route and breathtaking views both spring and fall.
Swinging Bridges
There are also a number of swinging bridges along Highway 1098 and another one visible along Highway 15 which people still use today to ford the river to get to their homes or family cemeteries. There are also numerous barns, churches but only a few homes along the route.


General Store
School House
A few of the historic buildings along the route, each has their own story to tell. One was once a school house; another a general store. Efforts should be made to preserve these structures for future generations.


View along Highway 15
Highway 80
Highway 1098
Red buds line both Highway 15 and Highway 80 due to a beautification initiative spearheaded by Congressman Hal Rogers. Dogwoods and other budding bushes and trees make for a beautiful drive especially during the spring.
View along Highway 80
Highway 1098
Highway 15
The fall foliage along the proposed Elk View Scenic Byway is also breathtaking!
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